Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rick & Sandy got married on Saturday, and they had a very impressive reception. They do make a great couple. I have a couple of Rick that was taken before this one, that for the right price,,,just kidding. If you know him, you might be able to get them from him, but I promise otherwise. So,,,,, that's my wedding gift, hahahah! Congratulation to you both. Many years of good health & happiness ! ! !
Part of the party crowd. I suppose there was about 130 people in attendance?

The ballroom before the party animals arrived.
Here they are in the process of cutting the traditional cake. If you look hard in the background, you can tell that one/both of them are HUGE Georgia Bulldog fans. They had -2- cakes.
Toasting the guests.
The 1st dance. There is another story behind this one,,however,,,, they did a great job.

The guest were treated to an open bar, beef wellington & coconut shrimp appetizers, an exquisite meal, a live music before & during the meal. There was a DJ spinning music after dinner for all to enjoy and dance the night away. There was a lot of champagne flowing everywhere, so spirits were high. We were honored that they included us in their wonderful union, that will forever change their lives. Now, about those other pics, haha!

Thanks & Congrats guys!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

You know I like funny pictures. I caught a HUGE praying mantis in the garden this afternoon. The biggest one that I've ever seen. I imagine that she's saying to herself at the moment this was taken,,," if I'm real still, maybe he won't see me !"
I think she was a bit of a ham, tho'. It looks like she's fixing to have a bunch of little ones, anytime(or get rid of some eggs,anyway).
Later that night, I think I caught her after the fact. Or, maybe the male. Huge & pretty things, to be sure. When I tried to hold this one, it flew away.
This gives a little scale to show how big she actually was. I think she was too heavy to fly. That's probably the only way I was able to hold her like this !!
As most everyone around here knows, We work for Google. Doing what? I will give you a hint,,,,we don't drive down Private roads, or gated communities. Anyway, I don't work for them anymore, but Wendy does. While she was driving around mapping the other day, she came across this Warning below.
She is from New Jersey, so when she sent me the picture over the phone,,, can't remember if I had to interprete for her or not, haha. Just kidding !! ! !

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A good friend of mine, Smoak, wrote and invited Wendy & I on another adventure. Banning Mills' Zip Line, down around Carrollton, Ga. The 20, or so, in our group had all signed up for the Extreme Package with them. It was not loosely named ! whew, but what FUNN!
There were 4 or 5 zip lines, and too many bridges to cross to count.
This was the first obstacle for us to overcome. About 6 stories to the top of this first tower.
This was the view from the first tower. The landing was on the ground with this one. I believe they said some of us were getting up to 60 mph, before gravity started slowing our progress. If you came in to fast,,they would give you the signal to brake, which was reaching up with your gloved hand and gently squeezing the cable.

Another view on a different line.
And another view.
This was one of the most impressive bridges we had to cross. The stream, and surroundings, were gorgeous ! The bridge was challenging, to say the least,,,,omg.
This was the last bridge to cross, after you got back on the ground. It was the toughest out of all of them for me.

This was a very nice, and professional run, extreme adventure. I am trying to find a site to post my pictures. Once I do that,,will let everyone know.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lookout Mountain Flight park's first Lady---Robin celebrated her birthday tonight. Along with Andy, who just joined the staff here. Ages of each are classified information, and wont be divulged due to...mmm. basically, Fear?! (around 29 I'm sure),haha Happy Birthday!
The meal tonight was Ham, green beans, potato salad, tomatoes, rolls, and of course, Cake. A keg was also donated for all to enjoy. It was floated by 11pm, so there was some people that didn't feel the chill in the air, I'm sure !
Maggie took this picture tonight. I know what she meant when she said,"I can see right thru you"

Shawn, our local pyro-technician, was on hand to take the chill out of the air. Amazing what a little gas will do.

These pictures were taken by my cellphone. I forgot my camera, and had to use it. I am amazed by the quality of them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sometimes in life, somethings are inevitable. Birthdays are one of those things. How someone handles those, is a reflection on their character. Since this was my 50th,,,,I cried all day on this one,,,,,,,,,just kidding. Actually, to celebrate one's birthday, is to celebrate life itself. No one celebrates death,,,,well,,, if your an Elvis fan, I apologize ahead of time.

I would like to thank all the people that helped me celebrate my birthday. Whether it was at our dinner party, Provino's, in the LZ Saturday night, or just shaking my hand and wishing me another one to come. Thanks to you all, it's a birthday that I won't forget. Want to send Terry P. birthday wishes, and thanks, also. Our b'day is on the same day.
Shawn lined out some entertainment for everyone Saturday night, at the festivities. Chain-saw carving, next to the warm bonfire. Amazing art form !

This is what his finished piece of art looks like afterwards.

All the gliders were breaking down at the end of the day's flying.

The last student coming in at the end of the day. I thought it was a nice shot,with the moon in the background.

I am really honored & blessed to have some great & crazy friends ! They keep things real. You have to look close to see what I'm talking about.

Thanks again to everyone for a great birthday !

On a different note,,,,Google street view map has loaded some of the Chattanooga area on it. Hopefully, they won't take too long to get our entire area downloaded. You will be surprised at all the stuff that you see on there !

Monday, August 04, 2008

Ollie wrote to us saying that everyone from here, made goal today. It was 109 miles, with a challenging dogleg turnpoint.
That's all the information I have right now, however, keep a watchful eye on Lucas's blog, and you will be able to see it on there.
Seems that I tried to get someone to bet me on them making 100 miles this week. Shame that I didn't get any takers !
Great Job guys ! All of us are cheering you on ! As Mark says,,,,,fly 4funn ! be safe out there

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Here's the first update from Big Springs! Ollie Gregory e-mailed this to the TTTmail, and I thought I would post it for those who aren't on the email list. I'm not surprised at what Eric did today,,he's just that kind of guy ! Kudos! If I'm not mistaken, this is already Lucas's best ever, and he has all week. Any bets that both Eric & Lucas break 100 miles this week???

Ollie's Email:
Everyone on the truck made goal! 76 miler with weak lift at start time, but it turned on pretty good. Eric gets the 'Assist Award' for being the most helpful of our guys on the truck. He helped Lucas make it in when Lucas' GPS started craping out. All of TX looks the same and its doubtful Lucas would have made it in without Eric's help. Lucas was plenty smart and turned on and off the GPS to save the batts so he'd have an in air track log at goal for the scoring!
The day was under called to get us all back to Big Spring for a dinner at the Community Center. Fine food, BEER! and a band paid for by the town of Big Spring!
Tomorrow we'll pay for the fast down winder today with a task over 100 miles is my bet!
The weather looks great if the winds don't get too high. It actually looks fantastic all week!
Lots of fun!