Tuesday, December 25, 2007

These are pictures from our Family Christmas day. This particular pic is my Aunt Sue with her new companion. Seeing her with it, reminded me of a routine by Ron White, the comedian. My Cousin Sheila and husband Bob got it for her this year. They had her do a treasure hunt for it, with clues. It seemed to be fun. I can just hear Ron White while Bob and Sheila was picking this one out,,,,,pick me, pick me. In part of his routine, he said something that I had never seen before. However, I saw it today. Aunt Sue lost her long time pet last year, and it's been kind of lonely for her, but today,,, I believe I saw that small little angel mend her heart. What a wonderful smile she had all day. Aren't pets a wonderful thing.

Sheila sets a pretty table! House was impeccable, as always this time of year!

This might have been Christmas, but I was truly thankful for all that I received. And, I never forgot the reason for the season ! ! ! !

Last year at this time, this boy wouldn't eat hardly anything. Jimmy had to threaten,bribe, etc..... just to get him to eat a couple of spoons full. Amazing what a year will do with the right nurturing.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A picture is worth a 1,000 words !

So is a Great Christmas song: http://www.freedwings.com/christmasshoes.php

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A good friend of mine just got married. Meet Jono and Lauren Fisher. Congratulations to you both. I hope you have a lifetime of prosperity and eternal happiness ! Looking forward to your move up from Florida! Hurry up-----we need some airtime.

Jono is a professional photographer by trade. http://www.jonofisher.com/

He had a friend, who is also a professional, do his wedding pictures for him. Edgar Estrada is his name. He does very nice work.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Our living room during the Christmas Holiday !

Wendy does such a wonderful job at this decorating stuff. I did help ! See the candelabra in the window-----tada ! :^}

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another gorgious sunset tonight, while coming home from working the Athen, Tn. area. I wish I could have found this flat area 10 minutes sooner,,,,,it would have been much more spectacular. However, we take what we can get, when we can get it ! ! ! And, Im very thankful for it too! :^}

Sunday, December 16, 2007

This is the president of the Tennessee Tree Toppers, Steve Lee starting the award ceremony. As you can see, there are alot of sacks on the table. They were filled with prizes, and plaques for outstanding flights, and for people that during the year went above and beyond what a normal member of the club would do. Happy to say that everyone that gets a bag, won't have to worry about ink-pens OR postcards this next year,,,,, you really had to be there to appreciate that little joke !
Doris received a basket full of homemade soaps, which Keith also makes. What a versatile guy !
No one could ever say enough about what this lady does for the flight park, and all of us pilots. We could never repay a mere portion of what she does. I hope little gifts here and there, and sincere thanks will suffice for now.

The most outstanding club member of the year , was Ollie Gregory. Here he is(on the left), chatting with Tom. There isn't enough terabytes to list everything this man has done for all of us pilots, and the 2 clubs. I'm honored to know him and to call him, friend. I wish I knew half of what he knows about weather forecasting !

This guy is a new pilot, and new to the flight park. However,,,,he does know how to make an entrance ! ! He cooked the turkey this year, and omg,,,, it was so good. Welcome to the flight park, Ricker. Don't even think about going anywhere else ! Not with a talent like you have !
Here's Toni helping me carve that delicious turkey. There was also salmon, and ham served with all the trimmings. The turkey didn't last. A few of the last folks in line didn't get any of it. I think someone said something about me being part cat, the way I got all the meat off the bone, ha ha.
Does anyone else think that they might like being a child at Christmas again???

This is the write up about the great Christmas party that we had here at Lookout Mtn. Flight Park, by a friend and fellow birdwannabe. Keith also has an article in this month magazine. It was written about a great site in New Mexico,,,,Alamogordo. I flew it a few years ago during one of their comps. Great folks All ! Yatahay Cindy & Tommy ! ! !

It was great seeing two of the best hang gliding club partying together. I think a lot of positive things will come of this party. Just a hunch.

Hello friends and neighbors,
The Tennessee Treetoppers held the 2007 annual party and awards banquet on December 15th.
Matt and Robin Tabor were kind enough to offer us the use of their The Lookout Mountain Flight Park clubhouse for the event. Doris hosted the party along with the help of her assistants (sorry I don't recall their names). Doris and crew prepared a huge, delicious banquet including roasted turkey, ham, salmon, and a cornucopia of sides and deserts too numerous to list.

Matt Tabor and the Treetoppers provided two kegs of Sierra Nevada beer for the party. An estimated 100 people attended the party and all had a terrific time! TTT's president, Steve Lee, did an outstanding job as Master of Ceremonies in his usual inimitable style of friendliness and humor that made everyone feel welcome. He provided an account of the Tree Toppers' "best year ever".
"Favorite neighbor" gifts of soap baskets and hams were given to at least five property owners in appreciation for making us all welcome when we land on their property. Awards were given for notable flights in 2008 including Dave Hopkins for his incredible record breaking flight of 135 miles from Henson's Gap to Florence, Alabama the day after the close of 2008 Team Challenge. Ollie Gregory, Eric Donaldson, Stan Roberts, David Giles, Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, Greg Heckman, and Marc Fink also had fantastic flights this year! These pilots had some amazing flights and the details will be forthcoming in the next news letter along with the names and flights for any pilots I forgot to mention, here. (I apologize if I left anyone out!) Dave received a beautiful wall plaque with an engraved picture of his Henson's launch, a Treetoppers t-shirt, Treetopper pens, and post cards of our Prez's USHPA November calendar picture of his launch at Henson's. All the other record holding pilots received a framed certificate and a Treetopper goody bag. Matt Tabor was given a Treetoppers goody bag and Doris was given a soap basket and goody bag for hosting the party.
Steve also showed off a framed picture of his calendar photo that the Treetoppers Board of Directors gave him in appreciation for his many years of service to the Treetoppers club. The Board also gave Kathy Lee a soap basket for the many years she has served as our First Lady. Thank you, Steve and Kathy, for everything you do for us.
Ollie Gregory was voted the 2007 Tennessee Treetopper of the Year for his generous support of the Treetoppers all year long. Ollie developed the TTTFlymail Yahoo forum that has been so helpful for us to keep up with everyone's flying achievements, provided blip map forecasts he posted on TTTFlymail daily, and was the developer and driving force behind this year's top notch, very successful Team Challenge.
Thanks, Ollie, for all that you do.
Thanks to everyone who attended; we had a great time. We missed all of you that could not make it to the party and hope you will come next year. Spread the word about The Tennessee Treetoppers, come fly with us, make plans to attend Team Challenge 2008, and join The Tennessee Treetoppers to make "The Best Hang Gliding Club in America" even better!
Keith Atkins

Friday, December 14, 2007

Here are a couple of great links that I thought good enough to post for all to enjoy.

This is really good stuff!

please watch this and support it . . . ..


Best commercial ever !

If you have a minute, please watch the following video clip - the story of Johnny the grocery store bagger.
It's very short, but it will remind you of why and how we make an impact in what we do.

Click Here To View The Movie!

As an artist,,I was impressed by this one !

This will take your breath away!
Turn your speakers on.


Monday, December 10, 2007

A couple of months ago, I posted a picture of a young boy being sworn in at Marine Corps headquarters. Below, I proudly present a new man that has joined the ranks of United States Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine. I am very proud of you AJ ! Good luck on your new life. I admire you for choosing now to help defend your country, and also your Mom & Dad, Lucy & Jim. I would have to think that Jim probably had a little to do with this, considering he is a former Marine, also. He is still very active in Marine Corps activities in Huntsville, Al.

Pvt. Alex J. Selvidge Graduated from the United States Marine Corps Recruit Training Regiment at MCRD Parris Island on December 7, 2007.

While at MCRD Parris Island he was a member of Platoon 3107, Lima Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion where he earned the Marine Corps Expert Marksman badge.

He reports on January 8th 2008 to Camp Geiger for Marine Combat Training followed by the Diesel Engine Maintenance School at Camp Lajeune.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sheriff of Dade County, Patrick Cannon, addresses "Toys for Tots" party members, to thank all for their continued support. Ann has been holding this benefit party for the needy children in the area for a few years. She has a real nack for making everyone feel comfortable, and creating a warm, and fun atmosphere. She makes it easy to give to such a worthy cause.

There was many great friends to spend the evening with, and alot of delicious food to enjoy.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

This year I was unable to attend our annual Christmas Parade because of work. Doris and the rest of the Hang Gliding community showed up in force. And, with every ones support-especially Rick Jr., we were able to secure 2ND place. Wendy was there for me to take some pictures, however, the camera that she was forced to use only had 1 picture that turned out(which I'm posting). From what I heard from many people, it was a lot of fun and many children picked up lots of candy. Thanks to everyone for their continued support.

Here is Doris's email that she sent out:

Thanks to the following for their participation in the Christmas Parade - Jerry G for lending us the converter; Rick 2 for the use of the flat bed truck plus all the work he put into the design and assembly; Bob S, Scott S, John S, Ken and Keith for helping assemble the float; Scott S, Keith, Ken, Nancy, Toni, Lia (plus the four children she brought along who enjoyed the experience), Roberta, Paul, Eric and Isaiah for riding on the truck and distributing candy to the crowds; John S for driving the truck; Dottie for helping me carry the banner (and running to free a wing tip snagged on the side of the road); Shirley and Kelsey for setting up the pavilion and Dale for the use of her glider and picking up the pizza, it does, indeed, take a village.

We had cotton lining the truck bed with lights, Dale's glider strung with lights, John donated an eight foot (or larger) penguin that was placed on the back of the truck, plus our 14 candy throwers riding in the truck, it was great. We won a 2ND place plaque from the Chamber of Commerce. Our participation in this event is very important and, as a marcher, it is my privilege to hear the crowd response. Children point to our hang glider with wide eyes and one local group shouted "we love you hang gliders", very worthwhile.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I just got home from working in Connecticut for a week. I was soo busy up there, that I only took a few pictures. I hope to post 1 or 2 tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, however, work is kind of crazy right now. There is good & bad in most things, haha!