Friday, January 29, 2010

This is from my friends, John and Dale Stokes. They are the owners of S.O.A.R. South, here in Northern Georgia. A link to their website is over in the right hand margin, and it's a very informative and interesting blog!
The above short video is comprised of 2 of their shows that was done in August. It gives you a feel of what their shows are like for the public. Great stuff. I never get tired of seeing it !

C L E A R ! ! !

Friday, January 22, 2010

I was in Lake Charles Parish this week working. The entire area was rich with the spanish moss, large live oak trees, trees growing over the roads, swamp, Baudoin ball and links, great food, and something I hadn't been around before,,,,some of the Wild life. Come to find out,,,alligators and crocodiles are everywhere.

I actually had to take a ferry to test a couple of towers. It was my first one to ever drive on, to be transported.

Really enjoyed this area. The biggest reason why I enjoyed it so much,,,the weather & wildlife. I've just had to go thru 2 weeks of frozen temps and here it was 81 degrees when I was heading home. The sunroof was back, and the windows were down, radio cranked,singing and acting a dummy, but who cares,,, there's crazy people all over the world,,,,glad to be in their company ! ! !

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Osceola, the one-wing Bald Eagle, flys again. This is a clip from a few years ago. If you've never seen it,,,it really warms the heart of every animal lover. A hunter shot this eagle, and it lost a wing. John Stokes,S.O.A.R. south, takes it for a flight, which it would never get to do, otherwise.

Can you just imagine what she is thinking as they are flying? I imagine that it did her spirit a lot of good !

Friday, January 15, 2010

These are some of the pictures that I've taken during this frozen month. I took way to many of them to post them all here, but here are some of them. Hope you enjoy. There has been some flying, but only by some of the polar bears, lol. Seriously, thought about it a couple of times, and even got dressed for it,, however, just couldn't put the glider on the jeep. Just don't like the cold that much just yet. I'm sure the need for some airtime will out weight the cold soon, tho'.
The spectacular 1st waterfalls.

Some nice benches to rest on, during the hike. Don't worry, it's not going to move in our lifetime

The 2nd waterfalls.
Kurt taking an afternoon glass off in some ridge lift.
This is Lookout Mountain Lake.
A small lake down the road from here. Close to Covenant College.

My neighbors koi pond. Now that it has all melted, able to see that all 4 of the fish survived.
Nikki, my girlfriend, at my Dad's house. Can you tell that she loves the snow??!!
This is on I-24 outside of Chattanooga,Tn., across from the river bend.

I have posted all the pictures from this month on my facebook page. Under: January & then another one, Cloudland Canyon. I'm unable to post very many pictures on here, because of the size, but on facebook I can put up to 200 pic per album. I do hope that you enjoy them.

Monday, January 04, 2010

The high temps today was 24 degrees here on top of Lookout Mountain. I love flying, alot. However, John Cristoff loves it more. He was flying today. I'm going to have to see if I can't layer up enough to stand this cold. I saw some pictures from some of our friends to the north, with snow falling and covering the upper surface of the sail. Got to be a trick to it, OR they must be part polar bear?! lol

Nice sunset from up top !

The small ponds around here are getting solid. It's suppose to snow later in the week. We will see about that. If it does,,it's not going to be pretty around here ! Well, driving conditions won't be, anyway !