Thursday, June 29, 2006

Once upon a time..... Yesterday was the most flustrating day I have experienced in a very long time. It started in Atlantic City, New Jersey where I was trying to take a flight home. However, they wanted and extra $385 to fly from there instead of Philadelphia. I headed to Philly. Got there with plenty of time, 5 hours worth of extra time. No biggie, I am easily entertainted so I found stuff to do until 6 o'clock. At that point, the flight was delayed until 8:30. Okay, whats a little more time. They postponed the flight 5 times. The last time, it was until 11:20. The plane was being repaired in Atlanta, and would be arriving then, maybe. Of course, me having a one way ticket, securtiy had to do the entire deal and go thru everything that I had, in great detail. Well, it did arrive and we boarded then. I must have gotten the very last seat avalible on the flight. I was on the last row, in the corner, window seat without a window, next to the engines. The seats didnt recline either.
Anyway, with the plane being delayed until that time, I missed the last shuttle van back to Chattanooga, which left at midnight. Hertz rental car is open 7/24s so no problem. Until I landed and tried to rent one. This snooty woman told me sarcatically, that they dont have any cars to rent that go one way. I had just turned in one of their cars at 2:00 this afternoon, to the tune of about $1,800, and they cant let me have one of their cars tonight???Its 2:30 in the AM and I am stuck at the airport until 6am when the next shuttle is suppose to start again? To say I was very,mmm, upset to put it mildly.
About 3am I am sitting out front of the airport in a wheelchair(only seat that wasnt concrete) with my luggage, and this old man comes shuffling over to me. I went, OH great now a bum coming over. I was in NOOOO mood for this. I saw him earlier going thru the garbage and ashtrays on top of the cans. He comes on over, barely walking, and says," Good Morning". I said I guess for some. He then asks very politely if he can have a light. He had found a very small butt in the ashtray that someone else had discarded, and was going to smoke it. I gave him a light, he very gently Thanked me, and he started shuffling away. I was kind of perplexed, but oh well, to each his own. Then he leaned against the wall, and slid down it to a sitting position, and then layed down to what you see in the picture above and went to sleep. Well, something happened to me right then. Maybe you would call it a reality check, or compassion, or just call it what you will. My whole attitude changed in a instant. Maybe I had a right to be upset at the day, the situation, the whole mess, but was I going to let it eat me up when there was clearly nothing that I could do about it except wait? Think not. So I got into my luggage and found a new pack of smokes and an extra lighter that I had, and took it over to the sleeping man. I thanked him for helping me out of my pity party, and left him with his care package.
I prayed for him, and left him in better hands. I am really blessed.

This place was my harbour thru all the storms that I had here in New Jersey. The owner, Sonny, was fantastic. He really cares about his place. How many times lately, have you seen an owner picking stuff up out in the parking lot? Or spending time with the guests? Or asking their opinion? He does all of that. I will definitely stay there any time I am in the area! You should see the lobby. He really supports our troops, and all the military men and women. Past & present. If you are ever in the Atlantic City area, I highly recommend -- The Hampton on the Bay !

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Met this great family while here at that Hampton Inn. Bob and his wife are both windsurfers. Guess they have to take turns playing and watching their son, haha. That sounds familiar. Here he is getting another lesson from his Dad

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I met most of these guys that were racing in the " Race Across America 2006". After their long race of 3,052 miles, in 10 days, they were staying at the best Hotel ( for the money) in Atlantic City---the Hampton Inn. Their story is amazing. However, very few of them spoke english. Andy, the team photographer, and I did get a chance to speak for a little while. He gave me a T-shirt, and some information. I took these photos from their website, to be able to share the story with you. The Link to their home page is--- . I think you will find it well worth the time.

An interview at the start of the race.

The start of the race---only 3,052 miles to go.

I really admire what these guys are doing.

Another shot from during the race.

Just one of the casinos that I visited. If it ever stops raining, will get a look at the Boardwalk here in Atlantic City.

Some one threw about 20 of these Jumbo shrimps out in the parking lot. They were the biggest shrimp I have ever seen. This is a full grown seagull, and just look at the length of it. I was guess they had to weight close to 8-10 oz. apiece. Of course, I didnt try to take it away from any of them to weight it, haha. The Caption for this one---- Wonder if I will be able to fly after this meal?? I know I have ask myself that question a time or two, haha! Especially at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Mom always said not to talk with your mouth full, but gessshhh. I particularly like the look on the gull on the right. Does't seem too excited.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I came across another Great House yesterday. You could spend hours looking at this one also, without seeing everything.

Follow the yellow brick road??

Great day for the windsurfers!

They were out in the wind again yesterday. I have noticed that these guys are alot like us. When the wind is blowing, they are out in it. However, they dont need it in any particular direction, lucky blokes! You can see Atlantic City in the background.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Think this one says it all !

We had a great sunset here this evening. I really enjoyed it. Just had to call a friend and tell him where I was standing while we were talking. Just to get me back,,, he told me what he was doing. Grilling some ribs with his son, and going to eat some good ole' fashion HOME cooking. Told him to Bite me! The main thing in life is to be happy no matter where you are. And for this season of my life, this is what I must do to the best of my ability,and I am happy in that. Nothing last forever, and when it is time for me to move to something else in a couple of years and get off the road, then HE will show me the way.

This guy was really good at this. He was getting about 30 feet in the air, and his hang time was almost 10 seconds at times. I really miss being home and flying sometimes. This kind of stuff eases the pain a little, not much, but a little.

The race was on! The wind was Honkin' yesterday when I got here. The bay is only a stones throw from the Hampton Inn that I'm staying in this week. Aww darn, just hate that---NOT. Especially, after the darn time that I had last week with those hotels! Got to take the good with the bad, I guess.

Feed us- or we will ruin your car ! Again--with the animals, haha! I just figured out why all those animals are attracted to me----all the snacks that I carry with me!

I'm putting this one on here ONLY for the request that I got from Dub. There was a lot of foreign student working and visiting the boardwalk in Wildwood the week that I was there. Most of them where from Russia, and the UK. I was only there to see the shops, and rides!

Looked like a nice end of the day ride.

Monday, June 19, 2006

This was my last morning in Wildwood, NJ. In many ways I am very glad to be leaving this town. It is a very pretty clean town. However, dont ever go to the Best Value--Sea Foam, as you will get cheated and mad at yourself for not heeding this warning. I wouldnt pay $25.00 for this room, and they charged 6 times that much, and neglected to tell me once he ran my credit card, there was NO refunds on ANY of the rooms. What happens if I finished this town early and move on to Atlantic City???" I will give you a credit for some other time". Like---Fat chance of that bud. Anyway, No refund is standard policy in all the hotels here. I did enjoy the boardwalk, the views(cough), the food, the people, and of course, the Ocean! ! ! ! Next Stop---Atlantic City.

If you look real close,,, you can see two sets of "Footprints in the Sand". Guess HE carried me far enough !

Cape May was really hopping on Fathers Day.

This was a very nice lighthouse. And with the bird haven just across the parking lot, well worth the 4 mile walk to get here, argggggg.

The area around the Lighthouse and WW II bunker is the home to many endangered bird species.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

When I was a kid, my family use to go out on our boat every weekend, it seemed. We would swim, ski, and fish. But mostly, we use to fish. I was raised in a little town called Cullman, Alabama. We spent more time on Smith Lake as a family, than anywhere else that I can remember. The most memorable thoughts I have is of the fishing that we did. My Dad taught me how to fly fish when I was, I guess, about 11 years old. I thought I was the stuff then, I was fishing just like Dad now!!! No more worms,corks and hooks for me ! And still to this day when I see a fly-fishing picture, Or a Kite that looks like one of the poppers that we use to fish with, I always think of Him. This was Fathers Day, and Dad just know I was thinking about you! ! ! Wish we could have been together today! I love you! that should choke him up, huh??!!! hahaha

Saturday, June 17, 2006

What's the deal with me and the animals lately????? Heard that song again--

This is the Cape May/Lewes ferry. It take people from here, Cape May, New Jersey and drops them off in Lewes, Delaware, and visa versa. It save them at least 4-5 hours drive time.

By the lighthouse, there was the remains of a WW II bunker. It use to be underground. However, with all the erosion washing away from around it & under it, it is no longer safe. Hard to imagine in 60 years that much dirt, grass & sand just washed away.

Was test a tower in this town, and came across this great old train station. I have never heard of--- Tuckahoe, New Jersey before.

Nothing like a child winning his first goldfish. Mom looked more excited than he did.

The EPA was on hand yesterday to test the water after this week's storm.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

This is from the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey. It really doesn't move as fast as it looks. Starting next week, it wont be the same around here! ! !

I'm putting this on here for all the Compass/Cingular folks that are working on this township soooo hard to get all of them FCC compliant. While they are troubleshooting, and I am waiting on them to get the minor problems fixed,,I am Still working hard! honest! Thats my story,and Im sticking to it!

I thought---what a cute little thing.........

When this happened--I heard that Ray Stevens song about the squirrel in church! The second that I took this picture, I thought to myself----what happens if this thing starts up my leg???? I just couldnt believe it did it, and knew if I didnt take a picture of it, NO ONE would believe it !

Corson's Inlet state park was beautiful !

You talking to ME??

Monday, June 12, 2006

This is the Boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey. The week before Father's day. Kind of funny, because I live in Wildwood, Georgia. When Greg and I walked under this gateway, we felt very insignificant and sad for some reason, so to speak.

Calm before the storm !

Surf was up today for some. Not much, or for very long, however they did get some surfing in today.

All the rides were still, no smell of food in the air, the hollow sound of the wood, are soon to diminish with the passage of time. So very soon, life will be abound upon the boardwalk.

My X made an appearance today. I know, that was tacky, however I did apologize to the model for the comparison. Just kidding around.

This is about a week before the season really gets started here. Father's Day is the start of all the activities here. This beach is vitually empty. However, this weekend I have been told that there wont hardly be room for everyone on them. Glad we got here this week to see the before & during.

Another shot of the boardwalk.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Was a great sunset as we were landing in Philly tonight. Flying is such a great time saver, and much more enjoyable than driving the 1 day and 5 hours it would have taken instead of the less than 2 hour airtime. Security wasnt as bad as what I was invisioning. Yes it took a little time, but well worth it for the safety factor it provides!

This isnt the surf from the ocean,,, It was a great view today!

These were taken from about 35,000 feet today as I was flying to New Jersey. I hadnt flown in a commercial airline for over 15 years. The process has changed a bit, however, the gorgious scenery hasnt!