Sunday, December 27, 2009

Your looking at my Christmas present. I was able to spend almost a whole week with my Dad. Something I haven't done in so many decades that I can't remember. I will, however, remember that week, until the end of my time on earth ! What a blessing. I was even able to go to Church with him. Priceless Christmas for me, thank you Lord !
We discussed the plan of action, and it was to take them to Wally world before I left town yesterday. They felt that they could handle everything from here on, by themselves. So, with much regrets, I headed home yesterday. Dad told me that I took all the fun out of going to Wally world, as he was not allowed to get out of the seat at all during the trip. Not even the gallon of milk ! Right after I took this shot, the race was on ! Ruth left him in the dust, with the slowwww wally world electric cart !

Dad sent me this shot today. Remember the much regrets? well, not any more. It seem that I left town exactly when I needed to. A snow storm has arrived, and promises to be around for over a week. I'm a southern boy, and this snow stuff~~~ ain't for me !
In eveyone's life, there are crosses that we all must bear. This is my Dad's ! A puppy, that is all that , and then some, even after being fixed this little girl only knows 1 speed~~ wide open ! precious little girl tho ~
One of the coolest wind vanes that I've ever seen.

This has been a very memorable Christmas for me. Not for the intrinsic values of any gifts, but the memories obtained during the visit.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope all of your wishes and dreams come true. Please, take a minute and say a prayer for our men and women in uniform right now. The are keeping our country and it's people safe, during this holiday season, so that we can enjoy the privileges of freedoms that some countries in the world will never know.
My Dad is getting better everyday. We had to go get some things at Lowe's,, this was his trusty steed. So many horses associated with it, haha NOT.

Some local shots from here in Ohio. Can you tell that it's cold around here, and has been for a while??

Please keep my Dad in your prayers, as he is a long way from being 100%. Unsure yet as to when I'm going to be heading home. Have a great Christmas eve evening.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tonight was Lookout Mountain Flight parks Christmas dinner.
I grilled approximately 15 pounds of fresh salmon. I was told that everyone enjoyed it. I know that I did, with a little butter and lemon juice !

Matt talking with a possible new student, Christina.
We have some very talented cooks around our community !
As you can see from these pictures, there wasn't enough people to eat all of this !
There was a lot of care packages and left over bags taken home. Some of the rolls and ham came home with me, for the long trip tomorrow to Ohio.

Thanks to everyone that volunteered to feed us this evening, and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas !

Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday night was the Tennessee Tree Toppers Annual Christmas and Awards dinner.
This year is was held at a Great family restaurant in Dunlap, Tn. called, Johnson's B-B-Q, just south of town.

The lady on the right is the owner, and I promised her a spot in the post. She shut down the place to the public at 4:30 for the club. Her and her helper, took care of the entire gathering by themselves ! They have the best ribs I've eaten in a very long time. Chili's has nothing on these guys !
Part of the crowd
Another part of the crowd
Eric Donaldson is the clubs' awards chairman, and seen here handing Steve Lee his award for the longest flight of the year. You know that it was a very slim year around here, when Steve's best flight all year is only 97.2 miles ! !
Ollie Gregory took the rigids longest, by flying a triangle,, I think James Stinnett landed in the same field, but Ollie tweaked out a little more distance. They both flew 65 miles, and shared the award.
Friday night was the 10th USA Dance's Annual Holiday Ball called: Home for the Holidays, and dedicated to the Men and Women in the Armed Forces.
Below is a Picture of Sgt. Paul Greene and his 5 year old daughter. Last month, a TV station asked her what she would like to have for Christmas, and she said a dance with her Daddy. Channel 3 made that happen, and he is in from Iraq on leave and is heading back out very shortly. Robert Gohr recorded the 3 minute section of news, and hopefully I'll be able to put it on here so you can enjoy it.

All the proceeds will be benefiting the Austin Hatcher Foundation. It is a foundation that supports children with pediatric cancer and their families. If you have a minute, please Google it, and see what a worthy cause it is.

This is the newest production of a very talented, and good hang glider pilot. He's already won a lot of contest this year, but this one will be his biggest. I hope some producer out there sees it !

STEP Into A I R Nikon Festival Lucas Ridley

It's finally up! My entry in the Nikon Festival contest, where the brief was to describe your day in only 140 seconds! I decided to go the route of a little story telling...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I was in St. Francisville, Louisiana this week testing. The below pictures were taken at a park there. The park was closed, and doesn't open until springtime.
I can just imagine the beauty of this place when all the flowers,like azaleas, are in full bloom. It's pretty now, but in the spring, this place would be breath taking !

This tree was just spooky. The state of Louisiana is thick with traditions, culture, swamps, Cajun
food, and even voodoo. The imagination can run wild on the shape of this tree. What was even stranger, is that a thorn bush is growing out of the side of it. 2 species in the same spot. Weird. I was so far out in the boondocks, that if I was to fire my pistol,,, the deer wouldn't hear it .

Sunday, December 06, 2009

This is a look at our float in the Trenton Christmas parade, last night.
Rick Gattone,Sr. pulled the float this year with his trike. Anne Horgan was his co-pilot.

Here's a better picture of those that were carrying the banner. JC and Dottie carried it, with Sarah throwing candy to the crowd.
The wirecrew & pilot was: John Stoke on the right wing, Pilot was Judy Hildebrand, Keith was keel, and Mary was in town, to help with the left wing. No altitude gain was reported. Nothing broken or bent is always a good day. She did reach for her chute once, but was able to get it back under control. Just kidding.
The below pictures are taken to show the 1st snow of this season.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Just letting you know that the feature story about the little girl and her soldier dad, Spc. Greene who are dancing at the USA Dance charity ball next week, is in today’s edition of The Chattanooga Times Free Press, on the front page of the Metro section:

Be sure and listen to the audio online. This should remind us what Christmas is really about.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

There was a break in the weather, just about sunset. I was lucky enough to catch it. Cloudbase was just a hundred feet over, and it was scarey warm. Almost like tornado weather. Winds are still honkin' up top.
I saw this in an email today, and realized how some people oh so reminds me of them.

Be careful when you ask some of the folks in the hang gliding community to do something for charity. I would have paid money to actually take this shot ! You really need to know these guys, to understand just how darn funny that it is !
They were for the Breast cancer Awareness fundraiser. I know they did well. If you weren't there and didn't get donate to the GREAT cause, I have a much easier(and way less funny) way that you can donate Every day. I try click it once a day, along with the Animal shelter link. Takes about 3 seconds each, depending on internet speed, to provide for both causes. Links are below. When you click on the link,, it will take you to a page with a bunch of tabs at the top of the page. No sign up, no personal information, but,, for good measure, I would read the page and what great people like you are doing for others, and for our furry friends !
The Breast cancer tab on that page allows you to donate the same way. So, why not click it every day that you think about it. I promise you, if you loose someone to breast cancer, or any cancer,,, or have dealt with strays much, you think about it more than others.
Please click, so the guys above don't have any excuse to get dressed up like this ever again ! lol