Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween------http://www.funnybunch.com/hal/starrynight.swf

My Dad sent this to me,,,, so blame him !
With all the other holidays, why cant we get a day off for this one too????

Monday, October 30, 2006

To most people, this means nothing more than a place to store water. However, some years ago I learned how to scooter tow in the field that was behind me here. David Broyles was my instructor, and I learned on a Mark IV. Even tho I didnt always agree with his teaching methods( I'm and instructor also, and who doesnt have a different opinion about things), he was able to sign me off in a day. I actually was able to soar for a little while over the top of this in a very weak thermal. Wonder how many people even know about a school here in Allen, only a few minutes from Big D.

The sky got pretty intense around here today. It was gusting to over 25mph sometimes. I am glad I was on the ground, and NOT in the air. The bouyance sheer ratio has to be over 9+, yikes.

Another shot from my hotel room. I was on the 26th floor and the hawks were ridge soaring the building right by my window. They cruised by so fast, I couldnt take a picture fast enough. Below you can see the Boat/Casino, across the river is the park that I posted pictures of, and the building in the background of the muriels.

This is view from my hotel room from this last weekend. It was a great time away. I would have much rather been at all the festivities on my home front, however, someone has to do this, and I'm glad its me. There will be other parties, and more bon-fires, more keggers, and my boss promised to save me one of those "Crack-chickens"! Plus, it was rainy all three days there, and there was no good flying weather. There is a God! hahaha, just kidding.

A very popular building in Dallas, Tx. At night it has lights that make it look like a big ball in the sky. I think there is a revolving restaurant on the top floor.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The sky was kind of intense today while I was in Dallas. I had forgotten after all these years just how bad the traffic is here. I wont forget again for a while !

They look so happy.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

W H O O P ! ! ! !

There are many, many traditions here in Aggieland. One of them is a visit to the Dixie Chicken across from campus. I worked there in the '80, back in my drinking days. I flipped burgers, and bagged fries. One of the guys that I worked with was named Freddie. He is still there. We all have things that we are good at----He is good at managing a restaurant. It was good to see him again after all these years.

The back of "The Dixie Chicken".

The clock on A&M campus. There is a lot of history about this. You can research it out on google. It would take more space than is alloted on here to tell you all about this place.

There is so many things wrong with this one in Fort Worth!

You know I love the unusual houses ! Couldnt pass this one up. Dont know who did the horses, but....... anyway. Love the name too. You may have to click the picture to see the bigger picture so you can read it.

Visions of Granduer for sure, haha

This is the piano player at the Hilton club. He is a dummy. Really, and actually dummy. Realistic, but he is sitting at a player piano. I had to take a second look.

Galveston Beach

This is a view from my hotel room in Galveston. It's not the Super 8, however, for one night, I guess I will just have to rough it. I bet you can't find a hotel room any where here in the prime season. The wind was honking over the water here today--about 25-30mph. The fishermen on the pier quit early saying that they couldnt even cast their lines out because it would come right back at them! The water was too dangerous to do any thing in also. Too many under currents. However, the view was great as I was passing by.

I will let this one speak for it's self.

I'm in Dallas, Tx right now, and things have been kind of crazy. I will be posting a lot of pictures this evening.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am in the Houston area right now. Will be heading to the Bryan/College Station area and Conroe. I have some good pics that I will post tonight. Until then, here is a fun link for your enjoyment. Since its halloween, try and carve a pumpkin without the mess.

Lets see how artistic you are!! Start cutting and enjoy!

Click here: Pumpkin Simulator

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Texas flag is as reconizable as the shape of the state. I think it flys in more places than any other state. I will be in Galveston, Tx sunday afternoon. Then I will be heading to the houston area, along with the bryan/college station area. I am working for T-Mobile on this deployment, and I will be all over the entire state before I am through with this testing. It should only take about 3 weeks.

I thought this was a neat water tower in San Antonio. However it looks, it passed phase 2, and thats all we cared about. Leave the landscaping to the locals, haha.

The city of Austin, Texas. I only had time enough to take this in traffic, while it was bumper to bumper. Not much slowing down right now. Had to drive for SW of San Antonio, to Austin, to Waco for work on Friday. Glad I have a comfortable car for this deployment! ! !

Cabeza De Vaca- read more about him below.

Big Pecan huh?! what a pie that could make! yum

Cabeza (doesnt that mean Head in spanish?) De Vaca's contribution to Pecan Literature. Something else puzzles me,,,, He was held captive for 9 years on that river-----by whom?

Guadalupe county Texas has a nice Veterans memorial. I stopped by here while getting a bite of lunch,and to stretch my legs.

Friday, October 20, 2006

I am in Texas right now. I flew into Dallas on weds., drove to Austin and stayed there for the night. I had to pick up a new test phone there, then drive to San Antonio by 10am thurs. That was a trick, to be sure. I worked San Antonio yesterday, and will this morning also for a couple of hours. After I get the couple of towers that needed to be tested here, then I am off to Waco. I will have the weekend off, so I should be able to get some good pics then. Right now, it's kind of crazy, which I like, haha.

Monday, October 16, 2006


This is the website for information about our upcoming 30th year anniversary here at the flight park. This is also a partial look at the new concrete ramp that we are launching from here. On the website, there are schedules for everyday of what's happening.
Some of the Flying Activities- --
GREAT Race, spots, playing at the training hills, altitude contest, out and return, longest flight, prettiest wing, oldest wing, photo contest—just bring your pictures, we’ll scan them in and return them, t-shirts, video launch and landings, and more . . .Come and fly home to Lookout.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

As you can tell from the shadows, the pilots here are enjoying the bouyant air at sunset. I believe that it was a wonderwind ! A lot of pilots got to fly today. I've been under the weather all day, so I decided to just stay indoors and chill, and hope that it passes so that I can get some flying in tomorrow. It looked like a great day to fly. I hated watching it from the house! Maybe tomorrow! Come on SE winds! It may be a Whitwell day !

Just came across this, and it was just too funny not to pass along. If you dont get at least 1 smile from this one------call your doctor !


and then the luckiest driver ever !


Thursday, October 12, 2006

This has been a different kind of week, to be sure. Monday night, night testing in Memphis, Tenneessee. We started testing at 10:30pm and went until 4:30am. Cingular did a great job, and they all passed Phase 2. Which means, when a 911 operator takes a call from a Cingular phone, they immediately know exactly where the location of the caller is. Within a few feet. It saves time, and hopefully, will save lives also. FCC is very strict on the regulations.
Tuesday night, I had to be in Atlanta, Georgia for some more night testing. Starting at 10:30, then 11:30, then 1am, see the pattern? lol Anyway, things didnt go well, and the techs had a very hard time, so at 4:15am, they shut it down for the night. Testing resumes tonight at 11:30pm until we git-r-done lol. Hopefully, will be home this weekend, Doris is having one of her italian meals on saturday night( baked zita,etc..), and there will be a couple of kegs in celebration of a couple of birthdays. Should be a good time for all. With fall in the air, it is nice to have the bonfires to sooth the evening crispness.
In the next day or two I will be posting about our 30 year anniversary at Lookout Mtn. Flight park. Talking about a big time. Check back for more details. This is not an event to miss, if you have ever wanted to watch hanggliding, to actually take a flight, or just to dance and party the night away with some abbie-normal folks.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Anyone that loves photography will appreciate the precision of the photo. As the jets are probably moving at around 400 mph and you being just right to get the shot at that instant. And that is a hard formation to stay at as the ones in the "S" are just a little graduated degree behind the next one and staying that way to maintain the formation.


It is a great photo of an Air Force training squadron flying in a never-done-before "USA" formation over the control tower "Taj Mahal" (HQ building) of Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you,
Jesus Christ and the American G. I.
One died for your soul;
the other for your freedom.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

This was the last competitor of the Team Challenge, 2006. The first place team was Ollie's team, The Mother Ship and the Drones . The trophies this year was made by his son. Very nice work.
John and Dale Stokes brought all their birds of prey for a show just before dusk. Then the food was ready. There was about 4-5 deep fried turkeys, so many pans of fresh fried fish I couldnt count all of them, hushpuppies, slaw, baked beans, soup, all the trimmings, and so many desserts that there were alot left over. There was some care-packages taken home there was so much delicious food left over. I like leftovers myself. The awards ceremony was afterwards.
Then the Party started. "Just Reeves Band" started rockin' Henson's Gap ! Mary, Judy, Katie, and a couple more ladies were there to dance with the guys in attendance. I think I'm a little sore today, haha. The band played until after 11pm. They rocked the house! or the pavillion & the bon-fire anyway. There was also some great fireworks.
The Tenneessee Tree Toppers club is some of the best people it has been my honor to fly, and hang out with. If you missed today, you missed some good flying, good food, and music. They have already set the week for next years competition. Cant wait !

I finally got some pictures of ME flying, thanks to Greg Heckman.
This is kind of a staging area before we walk out to launch. First looking at the conditions, then walking it on out. My wire crew today: Ollie Gregory, Mike Nash, and Buddy Cutts. The guys on the side wires keep the wings level when the wind is switchy, to ensure a straight, level, and safe launch. The Keel person in back, makes sure that the nose of the glider doesnt pop up and put me in a stall on launch. They basically keep us out of the trees, haha.

This is the last moment before we start our run. I look to make sure the conditions are exactly what I am wanting. The wind direction, the speed, and to make sure there isn't any other pilots flying close to launch. Once all that is perfect---- only one thing left to say----CLEAR !

And away I go ! woohoo

Any day above the ridge, is an Awesome day ! I dont believe I can fly---I Know I can!

Friday, October 06, 2006

TTT Octoberfest

TTT Henson Gap
October 7, 2006
Join us in "The Hang Gliding Capital of the East" for the annual TTT Fall Bash! This year the festivities will feature:
A Fish Fry and Potluck Dinner.
The 2006 Team Challenge Awards Ceremony.
Live music from the "Just Reeves" Band.
John Stokes and his "Birds of Prey" show.

The Team Challenge was going on this week. This is the party to celebrate the winners and the end of the competition.
This is Not a party to miss ! Really looking forward to it !
This picture was taken by a friend of mine, and the webmaster--Dean Funk
To see more about the Tennessee Tree Toppers and their great site, go to :

Monday, October 02, 2006

This is a view of the LZ at the end of a fly day. You may have to click the picture for a bigger view. This is a panarama view so the mountain doesn't really look like this. There was also more gliders setting around a little while ago. Mother Gravity beat us today,,,but there's always tomorrow. 2 fly days in a row,,,,, does it get any better? yes---make it 3? haha

This sport isnt for everyone. However, there are a lot of people that like to come out, and just watch us play. Speaking of playing, here Carl Burick is fixing to take a speed run. That means he is going to race as fast as is safely possible from here to landing. Think it took him approximately 2 minutes?He was flying so fast on his Litespeed, think his wings were smoking, haha. Impressive to watch. A friend of mine Philip Dabney showed up from Alabama. He took his sledder like a man, like the rest of us. We were hoping for a wonderwind tonight. Unfortunately, didnt happen and there was 10 of us that piled off for a smooth evening glass-off.

On a smooth, light,bouyant, and beautiful day the ultra-lights were very busy. I dont think I have ever seen as many Falcons in one place in my life. Which is a good thing. That means there are a lot of brand new mountain pilots ! Hanggliding is alive and well at Lookout Mtn. Flight park.

The Lookout mountain mascots