Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's been a while since I've updated this, and I am sorry about that. I have been content to just post one liners on facebook, and have not devoted anytime to my writing. I really enjoy writing, and will start posting more, along with more of my pictures. I know there isn't a huge amount of people that look at this, but there are some. With warmer weather,,I will be putting more effort into it.
What's gotten me to this page again tonight,You might ask. It's the end of the Olympics.

First let me say,,,,,Thank You, Canada.

From the first Opening ceremony, until tonight's ending ceremony, a change has taken place within me, and a lot of us, I'm sure. I look at our neighbors to the north in an entirely different light. More than that, I look at a lot of different countries in a different way & attitude. The only difference between us--languages. Every one of those young men and woman had the same hopes,dreams, and goals.
Normally, I wouldn't have cheered for a young man in the moguls, to beat the USA. Well, I did, along with the world. Finally, a nation had it's first home gold. Why would we care, if he did or not? Basically, we got to know him & his special relationship with his brother. The sorrow, hurt, dedication, and most of all, the joy they shared after all of the work involved, paid off. We went behind the scenes that normally, we would never see. He opened up his world to us, holding nothing back, even his brother's disability.
I was touched by the opening ceremony. There was one of the scenes that touched my spirit. They took one of my dreams that I have had, and put music, words, and another person, and acted it out right in front of me. That young man flying really touched me. And, with the closing ceremony,,,being able to make fun of the misfortune of the Olympic flame stand not functioning correctly, and being able to laugh at yourself,,a true show of character. The director did wonders, and really touched us with his style. Fantastic job !
Joannie Rochette, and her courage that night on the ice, brought tears to the world. How could you not admire someone that opened up their pain of loss for their Mother. And then, honoring her, skated a performance of a life time, where the scores didn't matter to anyone. If there would have been an audience vote, a different person would have gotten the gold that night. I sincerely admire her, and hope that she gets some quiet time, away from the darn media, to heal. Pray for her healing ! It's not going to be easy, but in time,,it will get a little easier.
Then the other women's skater that performed better than any other ever has,,very touching performance.
The men's figure skating( a new oxymoron), proved that more doesn't mean it's always better.
Cheering on a young man Apolo Ohno, which broke all kinds of records.
A young long-red haired man, Shawn White, dazzles the world by his high flying snowboarding, and new stunts and tricks.
I had never watched a curling game before, but I came to appreciate it's strategy and skill.
Cheered for the guys that run--"The Night Train".
Felt sorrow during the Luge race.
I had never watched an entire hockey game. Hockey, isn't too big in the south. And, as bad as I hate to lose to another country, I was actually okay with the fact that Canada beat us. I wasn't too big on it anyway, since the players were darn PROFESSIONALS from the NHL. I didn't feel that's a Olympic team, but, that's just me.
Became a fan of Julie Mancuso, and not Linsey Vonn in women's snow skiing.
Felt sorry for a young Speed skater, when his coach mislead him to take the wrong lane, and cost him the gold medal.
Body Miller,,,,enough said !
Nordic combined,,,,moguls, aerials,alpine,super g, skeleton,ice dancing, curling, all new terms for me.
For a country that had never won a home gold,, they Kicked every one's hiney this year with 14 Gold Medals, and took home a total of 26 !
For the USA,, This year 9 golds, with a total of 37.
To say that our 2 countries have been really busy getting ready for the winter games, is a real understatement.
Every country brought home at least 1 medal this year. What a great showing !
All in all, over 16 days, we came to know these world class athletes, their home towns, families, likes/dislikes, trials, accomplishments, their life stories. The media took us into everyone of their lives, and in our own way, started cheering them on. I felt like I've known some of them all my life, and they are like life long friends. And, our borders mattered not ! The friendship that I felt during this time, with the wonderful people, will hard to beat in future Olympics. The friendship,courage and braveness of these people, know no bounds. I know that I'm not the only one that feels this because of all the "BOOOOs" when the games was announced offically,"Closed". There is no shortage of good role models for our young people.
I wish I could take one of those airbuses around during this time.
Admiration for the Mounties,and what they have to go thru. For all the Indian tribes embraced. The only thing that can beat the people of this country,,is the beauty of it.
And, as these ceremonies end, this is how I feel. I have a feeling of sadness, due to the completion of the games. And a coldness came over me, as the flame went out Weird, I know. It was a great emotional, and educational ride these 2 weeks. Some day, I would love to visit my friends to the north. O Canada,,,,,thank you.