Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This was my view from my hotel room Sunday night in Wilmington, North Carolina.
I stayed at the Best Western Coastline Inn. The historical Atlantic Coast Train Line station Museum is located there. Apparently, it was the hub of the region. The entire town has a very rich history, from the Civil War, to Indian Nations, the USS North Carolina, to this train line. It makes for some really interesting reading. Here is just one link that you can enjoy about the Train station. I tried to take some pictures as I was leaving the hotel. But, I am sorry to report that they were out of focus(because of my shaking from the cold), and there was steam from my breath in every frame. So, enjoy the professional pictures on this link.

There wasn't one person on the beach yesterday, as I went by after I finished working. It was a gorgious beach, and very clean. I had to make my usual phone calls to some friends of mine from here, hahaha! Just trying to brighten their day.

I knew that it gets cold in North Carolina, but I didn't know that the cows grew coats there. These "old shaggys" looked well equipped to withstand a massively cold winter. Think the Indians called them, Tatanka. At least they did in the movie, Dances with wolves.

This is the USS North Carolina battleship, which is parked in Wilmington, North Carolina where I was working yesterday. Here is a link that you can read all about her, and her missions.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

This is a picture of Lee, which was the coordinator for this years, "Lookout Mtn. Flight Parks annual Chili Cook-off". With her planning and expertise, we had over 70 people in atttendance this year. There was 10 entries that ranged from: Oh My God- Hot, to vegetarian.

These were the judges this year, as they carefully tasted each bowl to pick the one that really tickled their palette the best.

This is all the contestants as they await the judges final decision.
Lucas and Angela took first place with their white chili this year. I took second place. I thought mine was better ! Guess that's why they didn't allow me to be a judge, ha ha! Kathy Tims took third.
The group started enjoying all the different types of chili at 7:00. This is one of those events that you did not want to be late for. Gordon, and others, showed up around 7:30 and had to scrape the bottoms of the crock pots. The bonfire was excellent also, until it started to rain.
During this time of the year, when there isn't a lot going on around here, it's a wonderful thing to get all of us together on a cool winters night for some good food, and comradery. Spring time is just around the corner.... I can hardly wait.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I was reading the OZ report today, and I came across the most incredible, once in a life time, never before seen picture. Thought I would share it with you. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page(past all the praise comments) you will find some other great photographs.


A new pilot to the area, Mark Fink, who is a biwingual instructor, got a chance to fly his silk today. Along with some other first timers, and beginner pilots.

Going along with the fun time, I came up with a few funny thoughts( along with some other instructor friends of mine) for us to reflect on.

You /your student may be in the PANIC Zone if:

1. you are kissing the ground upon landing.
2. Glad that you wore your brown pants.
3. your knuckles returns to normal color, the following day.
4. In flight, the yell curls your instructors hair.
5. You need to replace your downtubes before you land because of your grip.
6. If you need assistance getting out from under the wreckage.
7. You can see the whites of the eyes of the squirrel in the top of that tree.
8. At the end of the big hill you still arent flying.
9. In flight, you have 0 airspeed, and your looking straight up at the pretty clouds above.
10. On a XC flight at 200 ft, you see the only landable field has an electric fence running down the middle of it.
11. As you are slip diving onto final, you notice the streamers below showing that you are landing------downwind.
12. You have accidentally gotten whited out, the vario is screaming up, and you hear a plane or helicopter.
13. You are playing at cloudbase, you look below and see everyone else diving for the LZ, then you hear thunder.
14. You look in the rear view mirror while chasing the wind, and see a 17 foot object going end over end down the highway and getting run over by the semi-truck behind you.

15. You find that the only place to land is on the other side of a pond, but you must first fly under two crossing tree limbs at the entrance to this pond.

16. You start your takoff run and halfway down the slope you realize you're not hooked in but your passenger is.

17. You start praying to God for the first time in a very long time.

18. On a XC flight, whited out in cloud suck, you exit inverted in a spin.

19. At 100 ft you make your steep final approach over 20,000 volt high tension lines, into the only landable 'short' field and see, while flaring, an electric fence running across the middle of it. Oh yah, your glider is a Swift without landing gear, because front skid was ripped off during tow.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

This is the best way that I have seen this put by anyone. It really needed to be said, and I think that it really does a good job. So, spammers, beware, haha


Friday, January 19, 2007

The temps were cold today, in the lower 40's. However, at launch (which is 1,200 agl) with a 10-20 mph NNW wind, it was a bit cooler. I picked up my new glider today, and got some instruction on the ins and outs of setting it up. The air was a little too rock n' roll for me to take my first flight on my new wing, so I just helped wire some others off the great ramp here at Lookout Mtn. Flight park. No steppers all, with elevator rides up. Most of the guys went to the point and back. Some of the pilots on deck were: Carl Burick, Scott, Scott(bi-wingual), John Christoph, David Tuesher, Roadie Joel, Don Murdoch, and John Furman. One other pilot from out of town that I didnt know.
I dont normally have a problem with this kind of air, I just want to remain safe in all aspects of my flying. Tomorrow may be a better day,,,, one can hope!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A friend of mine is working in Panama these days. The owners of the property has posted some public pictures for everyone to enjoy. Some of these are really outstanding. Wouldn't mind a visit, but to live & work down there for an extended amount of time, I am not too sure about. It is still a beautiful place.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

And here Shawn thought his old computer wouldn't be good for anything.........

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I got this in an email from my Dad. This is going to really change alot of things for the law enforcement agencies! ! ! ! And for the better I think! Amazing how far technology has come in such a short period of time !

Better keep your tag current...

Wow - now this is good stuff.............

To view the ALPR video, click to view.
Very interesting............
I have no idea of the cost of such a system, but it seems that it will revolutionize
law enforcement capabilities nationwide once it's up and running. Awesome system,
and well worth whatever it costs the cities or counties

Monday, January 08, 2007

I was reminded of my mortality today. I got an email from someone I graduated high school with. As strange as it seems, I graduated some odd 30 years ago. What happened to the time??! I dont feel old enough for that to be a true statement. However, she wrote to me today and told me that our Class of '76 president Robbie, had passed away last week from Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) , and that he had been sick for quite some time. We grow up with this certain group of people, we have seasons in the sun, and get to know them very well. We share our lives, up and downs, good & bad, and grow as individuals thru the beginnings of our lives. After we graduate, some of us stay in touch, and others we only hear about thru the grapevine. Robbie and I were not in the same group of friends, but I always thought that he did a great job as our class president. Guess the point Im trying to make is that the pass is the past, the future is still to be written, and Today is a gift~~which is why I think of it as~~ the present.
I put this song with Terry Jacks on here because it reminds me of the innocence of times that I was going thru when it came out, and for Robbie. Call an ole' school mate and tell them hi - just checking in. I know I will.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ron was the DJ again this year for our New Years Eve party. We knew we was at a kicking party when the cops showed up, and told us to turn the music down !

I am pretty sure that this dessert is illegal in many states. She called it "Trifle". If it isn't, it should be, because it was that good!

A friend of mine, Jeremy, might NOT be the advertisement this company had in mind.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Here is another one of those links for all of us pilots doing the airtime dance.
Its half man, half JET! The duration is only 10 minutes, but OMG what a rush this thing would be!!