Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to 3 great people in the flying community ! ! If you're in Chattanooga, and need a great place to eat,,,Niko's is a great place to go !

Friday, March 28, 2008

Couple of new pictures from the other day. Some more steel work has been done, but the radials are on, and the flat part is also.

Wave clouds for a far as the eye could see.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A fellow birdwannabe---Lucas,,,has made yet another video. Would love to see it broadcast on TV commericals. I plan on doing my part,, just asking for you to watch it, and try an help another hang glider pilot achieve something great for our sport !

Hey everyone I made it to the finals (Top 20 videos) in a contest on Youtube to win $25,000 ! ! ! !

AND I'm asking for your help to win! Simply go to Click on "Start Voting" and search my name 'alta8bird' to watch my video (or click 'next video' until you get to mine). It's a pretty silly video, but if you like it, click on the Thumbs Up icon to vote for it, and if you think all the other videos pale in comparison, vote the Thumbs Down icon for theirs ;). YOU CAN VOTE ONCE A DAY until April 8th, and you don't have to have a Youtube account to vote.

I HAVE A 1/20 SHOT AT WINNING $25,000! - THANKS FOR YOUR HELP IN GETTING ME THERE! Feel free to forward this to other people to get the vote out.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here's an Email I recieved from a great friend. I, also, feel this is a very worthy cause. Please read and click the link below.
I will pictures and an update from Henson's Revamp the Ramp tomorrow, stay tuned !

Hello to all!
It's that time of year again that I ask you to dig deep into your hearts and pockets and help me support the March of Dimes.
As you all know, little babies have always been my passion and they are the one charity that I truly support in thought, mind and deed.
Please go to my website below to read about the March in my area and why it is so important to me and so many little ones.
Thank you for your support and my little babies thank you for your support!
Ann Everson

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here are some pictures of the progress thus far.
Below is Steve's email update.

Our ole' radial friend filled the largest dumpster available and was removed from the property today.S and H arrived with some of the rolled steel trusses and various other steel components. The fitters and welder began assembly and the new steel frame is taking shape. It is looking beautiful and forever permanate. Tomorrow looks like another rain day. Steve

These are the bones of the radial ramp. Make's one wonder a few things looking at this shot. Just how many 1st mountain launches?How many XC flights ? how many sledders? how many stories will be told at the end of the day, on it? etc..... We will never know, because the ole' ramp lasted 26 years,,, this one will outlast most of us, because of it's more durable construction. That's just another important reason to keep new blood coming into our sport,,to pass all of the joy, knowledge, and excitement down to all those that come to take our places in the sky.

I think Ned was toasting the new ramp a little premature, however,,, what ever makes someone happy :^}
I'm just glad that I'm not the architect on this project. From someone from the sidelines,,,,some of those angles don't look just right. Guess that's why they get the big money, and I'm just driving around in the Google car.
The anchor plate in the front was rusted out, and is having to be replaced. And, from this angle, you can see the wonderful, and spacious clearance that we have after launching.

Monday, March 17, 2008

New Update from Henson's. I will try and get some pictures for us tomorrow.

S and H finished removing our ole' radial friend this morning. They erected and anchored the (6) new columns into the footers. They will return tommorrow (Tuesday) wdith the steel radial beams and begin installation.The columns are 6" I-beams with a 1/2' plate on each end. The beams are each anchored with (4) 5/8"x9" anchor bolts (redhead brand).

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Denny Pistoll was on launch today,,,hang-waiting for a while. As you can see from the wing-sock, it may be a while. We miss him and his lovely wife Nydia, around here. We hope that they decide to move down here. I also hope that he continues to write articles for the magazine. Very nice having a local published author around.
He was able to have a great safe launch a little bit later, for a nice sledder.

Jeannette Turcotte is shown here, showing off her new gallery-The Artbox, located on top of Lookout Mtn., at 203 Scenic Highway(Hwy 189) Rising Fawn, Ga. Just across the street from The Canyon Grill.
Claire Vassort showing off her beautiful lamps. Look for her new website soon, and maybe you also can have one of her pieces of silk.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Claire Vassort had an exhibit at the Artbox today on top of the mountain. Her ability to paint and work with silk, is only surpassed by her ability to fly a hang glider. Wish I could blame her always being on top of the stack on her wingloading, however, every pilot out there would know different.

This bronze statue of a hawk like bird catching a trout, had a huge price tag..........

$25,000.00------ can you believe it?!

Here are some of Claire's silk lights that were for sale. Gorgious works ! ! May have to have a third piece of her work in our house.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Found a beautiful spot yesterday, on top of the mountain in Whitwell, Tenneessee. While working, I had to drive past the SE launch there. Since it was blowing straight down the Sequatchie Valley(which is almost SW by nature), it was crossing 90 degrees. Subsequently, launch was deserted. There is good & bad in that, ha ha.

Recieved this link in an email.

This is the way the national anthem should be sung!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

From the Presidents email today:
Tree Toppers we have lift off. S and H arrived early and had the crane(large boom truck) in position fast. They cut between the trusses and had about 6 large pieces to remove. Half of the radial was gone when I left for work at 2:00. S and H brought the beautiful pre-fabricated and painted leg supports for the new frame. It will rain tommorrow and they probably won't work. They will return Monday, 3-17 and begin steel erection. Steve

Dennis Van Dam was the mastermind behind the famous Henson's Radial Ramp. One month shy of 26 years later, he is watching one of his master pieces while it's being ReVamped. The following pictures are from today.
Some Board members were on hand this afternoon.

This picture really made me realize just how spoiled that I had become with this launch. I am looking forward to the outcome of what is about to transpire. I am glad Dennis is around for his invaluable input, because in just a short period of time,,,,,,, his assistance may be required.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm trying to keep everyone caught up on the developments that's happening with "Revamping the Ramp" at Henson's. I certainly hope everyone is planning on next weekends work & party.

Todays update:
No work was done today. The concrete pillars(footers) held alot of cement and are still a little green. The truck was in the parking lot yesterday and they pumped the cement through a long hose right into the forms. Tommorrow should be an early morning lift off of the old radial and some steel erection. S and H usually arrive around 7:30am.

This is Tuesdays update:
S and H erectors removed the form boards today and exposed the beautiful concrete pillars. They stacked all the wood from the forms at the clubhouse for firewood. The large dumpster arrived today and is in position next to the ramp. S and H will return Thursday-3/13 and remove the old radial friend and begin steel erection. The old radial friend will go into the dumpster and will leave the property.

Lucas, one of the locals at Lookout, has been getting alot of airtime lately. He mades this YouTube video that's quite different, but some good footage of some flying.

And since we are on the YouTube kick, haha, here's a couple more:

Big Springs-Spot landing competition--where the best in the world fly ! ! !

Monday, March 10, 2008

New update on the Radial Ramp at Henson's, from Steve Lee.

S and H finished forming the massive footers and are pouring concrete. Tommorow they will remove the forms and possibly the old radial friend. They predict the new steel frame completed by mid next week, 3-19. This makes our new decking party plans for Good Friday, Easter weekend. The weather factor caused this slight delay and we apologize for the inconvienence it has created. There may be two launches tommorrow other than hang gliders, the old radial friend and space shuttle Endevour.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Dad sent this to me in an email. If this one doesn't touch you,,,,decrease your meds. I was very moved. I hope that we have a long way to go, before this should ever be pertinent. Of that, I do pray!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Here are a few pictures from today.
When I got there today, Mike Nash, Steve Lee, and Clark Harlowe were busy supervising Earl & Spud from S&H Erectors. Not really, but it made for a better shot, :^}
A few more members showed up during the day, I heard.

"And, there I was......." Some supervisors, huh? See Earl hard at it, and yet.. just kidding guys.
A view from underneath. This was the first time in about 15 years that I had actually gotten under there. I'm glad that I hadn't until today, on the eve of the Revamping. Click on the picture, and see if you see what I'm talking about.

All systems are go for the Revamp the Ramp, at Henson's Gap.
As it stands right now, or at least when I left today, S&H has made the forms for the footers, and set some of the re-bar in the stones for the leg supports. It is suppose to rain Friday & Saturday so they decided to pour the concrete on Monday. With 2 days to cure, that starts the tear off of the old radius and installation of the leg supports, along with installation of the radial steel trusses and frame work on Wednesday & Thursday.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Even though it isn't the best of the flying season--yet---, there is a lot of activity happening at Henson's Gap. A lot of preparation is going on getting ready for a few things. Below, is a recent email from Ollie Gregory, the competition chairman for the Sequatchie Valley. If you can, come and join us for some of these great funn activities.

Hi folks,
We're planning to have some fun with good friends, good food and good flying for the TTT Mayhem Memorial Day weekend get together. I believe this will be the official Revamped Ramp party as well. We'll invite all the present and former TTT members we can find, especially those instrumental in building the first radial ramp, and certainly all the donors and volunteer crew for the Revamp construction project. It should be a great weekend!

I have a poll up on the flymail to check interest, but right now it looks like there's plenty of enthusiasm to do it. We'll need volunteers to help with registration, launch crew and spot and bomb drop measurements. Please let me know if you can volunteer. You can register on line at www.tennesseetreeto ppers.orgWe are organizing a low key XC meet and Flyin for the weekend of Memorial Day. The meet will run from Saturday 5/24 thru Monday 5/26. The Tree Toppers always have a get together and dinner on the Saturday before Memorial Day.
This year we'll have a covered plate dinner provided by the local TTT supporters and anyone who can help with a dish. We'll work up appetites with some XC and fun flying!We're planning a low cost meet with Team Challenge like handicapped tasks and fun spot landing and drop streamer bomb drop contests. The gliders and pilots will be handicapped in the same format as the Team Challenge so everyone has a good shot at winning! We'll have prizes for the winners and lots of fun. To enter the XC contest, you must be a current TTT and USHPA member and a Hang 3 level pilot. Hang 2 Tree Toppers may participate in the bomb drop and spot landing contests. The cost of the XC contest will be $25. The bomb drop and spot landing contests will cost $10 to enter. The daily top three placers in the bomb drop and spot landing contests will split 1/2 the entry fees as follows: First place 50%; second place 30%; and third place 20%!Pilots may participate in all three contests. We'll give every pilot who enters the bomb drop contest a personalized Arkansas Drop Streamer made by a real Arkansan. ME!

We'll need some volunteers to help out, but the volunteers can certainly fly in the meet.There will be other fun things to do for pilots and friends too. One will be the Calcutta Auction of Pilots for the XC contest with winning "owners" receiving valuable prizes. All proceeds will go toward the TTT's many projects including the Revamp the Ramp Project and the Landing Field Fund. It's gonna be a blast! I might be flying in it!!!!
Again, if you want to volunteer, post the flymail or to me.
Thanks everyone,