Friday, October 19, 2007

We have a woman's world team champion that lives here at Lookout Mtn. that does incredible silk paintings as an art form. She is starting to share her talent with whomever would like to learn. Here is some information on the classes. Small price to pay to learn how to do this! I own a couple of her pieces, and they are a truly beautiful addition to my home !


Claire will start providing silk painting classes at her home. The classes will be scheduled on request from 10:00AM until 3:00 PM Thursdays through Sundays (bring your lunch). Private lessons will be scheduled for one or two students per class and include all materials. Each student will leave the class with a 18 x 18 inch silk piece suitable for framing or for making a pillow case. Following this introductory class, more advanced sessions will also be available.

Class price: One student - $150 per day
Two students - $100 per student per day

During the class the following will be covered:
- Stretching of silk on frame
- Serti water resist method
- Painting techniques, color, design and special effects

Gift certificates are available. Classes can be made suitable for children age 10 or above.

If you are interested or for more detail contact me via email, and I will give you their numbers. For security reasons, I wont list them on here. After all, she's a friend, lol.


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