Monday, October 08, 2007

This is most of the pilots that flew in the Team Challenge '08. I understand that a couple of folks had already left earlier in the week. I do wish that Ollie would have been in this one, as much as he did this last week!
After a week of all the coordinating, all of the seminars, the awards ceremony, after everything was done, Ollie Finally took a well deserved break and relaxed for a moment. Probably the first one in a week. Job well done !

Nat was the first windy tech. for the last day of the TC, and a good one at that. When I was leaving, I watched him get a couple hungred below the ridge, hook a thermal and take it over the top and soar. I really hated leaving !
Just one example of what Kevin Carter did the entire time during the meet. Most valuable player.
Kevin recieved a couple of great things from the folks at the awards ceremony. He helped so many of the pilots during this, with tuning gliders, seminars, etc.... that a lot of them are writing to Wills Wings, Flytec, etc.... thanking them for the prizes, asking them to help support our World Team, stepping up to the bar for them. I know a lot of other countries do a heck of a lot more for their World teams,,, shame that ours don't. A driver for the world meet would be nice, and more money for FOOD, haha! Write to them and suggest it?????
The 1st place team of the meet. Great job guys.


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